Kind Druke (Druke the Dragon)

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Kind Druke



Under the starry sky there stands a mountain,

And inside this mountain there lives an enormous beast,

He was a kind beast to be sure,

Even though he immured,

Himself away from all of life’s livers,


He was very large,

And so was his heart,

So he often grew quite lonely,

He longed for a friend,

To visit his den,

But he was afraid to go off searching,


He had never once left,

His warm cozy cabin,

Inside the mountain,

That he called his heaven,


So this creature named Druke

Decided to stay,

And wait for a friend,

To find their own way,


He waited many years,

And seldom peered,

Into the sunny light of day,


But after a century of waiting,

He made a great leap,

And left his home,

To find some relief,


Once out of his burrow,

In the brilliant warm day,

He found that on his back,

Great vibrant wings there did lay,


And into the sky,

This tremendous creature did take,

And up there he did find,

Others with the same look of face,


Kind Druke had discovered,

He was not alone in this world as he had thought,

If you just soar high enough,

You will find what it is you have sought.



Created: Apr 05, 2012

Tags: fable, poem, dragon, friends, creatures, story, dragons, fairy tale, fear

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