Sex and Beer Pong at the Shire

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When day warps into grey skies, sprinkled white

such devious deeds beckon the man –

they rip him away

from his bedside's console

to table, cup-covered.

The plural game plays on

while I, jealous fool

watch mute, but true

with my wandering deer eyes, famished black.

Staring censure into him,

with tentative hand

reaching into judgment’s prison.

The stiff wrist of my distant partner

swung through blur-eyed onlookers.

Deprived, I play in vain

until sheet-crumpling night

when his Shire-bed

opens to collect our fleshy secrets, to engulf:

competition, lies, us.

I sigh as sunrise drives the man

and with reluctant hand –

smoothed and tucked away

linens, secret-dewed in that sweet array.

Created: Apr 04, 2012

Tags: sheets, poetry and art, sexuality, poems, female sexuality, flesh, beer pong, love poems

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