TOMS video idea (?)

By sammantha leigh

I heard about TOMS about a year and a half ago and have falling in love with everything about the company. So when I saw this collab I really wanted to try and contribute something. This is just a rough idea for a short commercial length video.I can help with getting pictures but at this point I am not set up to actually make it happen but if anyone likes it please run with it! :)

I’m thinking of a split screen, where each side is split into three sections (a top middle and bottom, like the TOMS logo). Each section would be rotating still images, but they wouldn’t be with their matching sections. For example, on the hitRECord side of the screen the top image might be of Joe, the middle could be of a female dancer and then the bottom image might be of me wearing my TOMS (something random)
-The top section would be chest or shoulder and above. On one side it would be people from hitRECord the other would be the people that TOMS has helped or people that need help.
-The middle would be image of peoples mid sections split up the same way as about.
-The bottom would be shots of people’s feet wearing TOMS on one side and maybe people wearing TOMS on the other or being barefoot.
The video could fade to the TOMS blue and have simple block letters in black that feature a few short facts about what the mission of TOMS is and maybe something like…
Change the world with your feet.
One for One.

TOMS video idea (?)

Created: Apr 11, 2010


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