I'm Not Her (Dialogue Tale)

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"You're obssessed"

"I am not"

"Look how far you went to dress like her"

"What? Its halloween"

"Every year you pick a costume that is based off of one of your latest obssessions"

"So what if I liked the movie"

"You didnt just like it. You bought a real leotard and pointe shoes. Those pointe shoes didnt fit, so you went out and bought some slippers."

"I wasnt about to walk around all day in shoes that didnt fit"

"You then bought some feathered costume pieces and tore off the feathers and then bought the makeup and crown"

"I wanted to look just like her or else no one would know who I was"

"I know you... You want to be her"


"Admit it"


"You already told me you wish you had the skills of your character you dressed up as last year"

"Who would want the fighting skills of a hero"

"I dont have all day. You want to be them and you know it"


"I already was for one night each"

Created: Apr 04, 2012


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