Back and Forth

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I am running back and forth

Back and forth running.

Running back and forth.

Back and forth.

Forth and back.

I am.

Am running.

Running back and forth running, I am.

Everything happens for a reason,

Reasons for everything.

Everything reasons back and forth.

Running reasons back and forth.

Happens back and forth.

I am everything, back and forth.

I am reason, everything happens.

Back and forth and back and forth and everything back and forth.

I am running in reasons, and reasons are running back and forth.

Time is slipping, slipping and running, running and slipping.

Time is everything.

Time happens and I am running.

Slipping for a reason, reason for slipping, slipping is everything.

I am slipping.

Running, running, running, running, slipping falling falling.

The faster I run the faster I slip, the faster I fall.

Falling like particles in space, space is everything. Space is back and forth.

I am running in space and everything is happening for reasons that are falling.

Space is falling and I am slipping and time is space and running is a reason.

Back and forth I'm running. And space is not changing, until I start slipping.

Everything, everything happens for a reason.

I am.


Created: Apr 03, 2012


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