Muriel's First Job

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Muriel grew up the youngest girl out of six children. She was constantly being babied by her other siblings. Her family was not the richest family in the neighborhood, but her father did a good job of keeping food on the table. As she got older she was expected to work and help out with the family. To her father’s surprise Muriel had already gone out and gotten a job at the hospital.
“Dad like how irresponsible do you think I am?” said Muriel as she studied her father. “Muriel do not take that tone with me!” exclaimed her father. Muriel had quite a sassy attitude when she felt somebody was being disrespectful to her, no matter who that somebody may be. “I’m sorry dad, but just because I’m the youngest does not mean that I cannot take care of my responsibilities,” Muriel answered back. “Well sweet heart” her father said, “I know this, I just want you to have the best opportunities in life.”
By the time this conversation was over, they were both in tears and embracing each other. Muriel and her father had learned a valuable lesson about one another. The lesson was that they both were just as stubborn as the other one.

Created: Apr 03, 2012


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