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So I've just headed back to classes for spring term and I'm taking a class called Free Speech and Censorship.  For the final project (which is due at the end of the term in ten weeks) is an oral history.  I'll post all the details that the professor has given the class so far:

"You will create an oral history: you will conduct a long interview, or series of interviews, with someone (it can be a friend, relative, acquaintance, or someone famous with whom you choose to make contact) who has engaged in dissent – usually, this means through activism of some kind (anti-war demonstrations, environmentalism, the civil rights movement).

Please include in your project ample biographical information about the person. Make sure you tell us how he or she came to be involved with the cause, and describe in detail the obstacles faced in getting his or her ideas across."

The interview has to be recorded (video or audio) and transcribed and I have to write a 7-10 page paper on it.  So... what I was wondering is if anyone here at Hitrecord would like to help and be an interview-ee.  I know we have a lot of activists here at HR (Re:Independance, Re:Occupy Wall Street, Re:Feminism in LRRH, etc). Of course, this isn't limited to just those issues... it can be about anything. I haven't started preparing any questions or anything yet... today was the first day of class haha soo..  but I thought it would be interesting and fun and the interview could be contributed to HR (to one of the collabs I mentioned, for example). 

I could interview my parents or my brother or grandmom, but I thought it might be fun to interview someone with different ideas and experiences.... to hear a story I haven't heard before.  Like I said, I dont have all the assignment details yet, but I want to get a head start since this is kind of a big final project. And even if I dont end up interviewing someone from HR... I still think this could be a cool idea maybe for a new "RE:" collab.. like RE: Free Speech, RE: Censorship... these things were touched upon in the 2nd They Can't Turn the Light Off Now video, but that was kind of specific and a bit more to do with RE: Occupy Wall Street.  But this could be more like, have you ever been censored?  have you had to censor yourself?  what does freedom of speech mean?  should freedom of speech be absolute?  Idk. I'm sure there's a million other questions and things that could be discussed....

 haha I'm just throwing ideas out there.... :P  So yeah, </end rambling>  Comment or FB/Twitter me if you'd like. :)  My apologies for the jumbly-ness of this... I'm just throwing this up here in between classes so I'm kind of rushed. 

Created: Apr 03, 2012


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