The Girl with Silky Hair

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I’m the girl with silky hair

All tied up in a bow,

Wearing horn rimmed glasses,

Pretending not to know.

I play the dumb blond very well,

It gets me what I need.

But better keep an eye out, pal

And pay a little heed!

 All this show is just for you

To catch you unaware

With guard down and quite comfortable,

You’ll tell me that you care.

At such point I will know for sure,

Discover what is true –

Then I’ll work my way into 

That universe of you.

By then you’ll see me otherwise

The hair will come unbound –

Glasses by the wayside – thrown upon the ground!


Our time alone most wonderful,

Is something quite agreed!

I understand just how to please,

You give me what I need. 

You tell me that you love me –

That I’m the one for you!

That you will be my everything,

Forever, ever true. 

You will have done the right thing now,

Our bodies meet in sweat

Cause I’m the one you surely want –

And I'm the one you’ll get.




Created: Apr 03, 2012


Lifetree Document Media