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So I've cut together a few live performance videos on here from the shows and I always run into a problem and was wondering if any other video editors had a solution.

So I sync up each video perfectly. I usually select a certain snare hit or something and line it up and it's always fine. BUT. I think there seems to be a split second delay on the footage that is being played back on the big screen. So that presents a problem. The board feed and performers are in sync but the footage being displayed on the big screen behind them is off just a little bit. 

Now do you other editors think I should maybe sync up the footage to the jumbo screen or sync it up to the actual performance and just hope the viewer understands there is a slight delay?

Do you understand what I'm saying? 

This has always bugged me and I normally stay away from the balcony cameras because of this issue. But at the same time sometimes I really want to use that far away establishing shot. 

Any suggestions would help. 



Created: Apr 03, 2012


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