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Your hope is down

You feel you're falling 

You don't believe things will turn around


You're upset now

Cause people are looking at you

Asking you 

What you do for a living


And you don't know what to say

All you want is to find a way


One day will come when you won't feel like this

That day will come, I promise

You'll make it through

Rise above life's challenges

You're going to see x2


You're up and down

You don't know which way to go

Somedays you feel like a rockstar

Other days you're low


You're lonely now

But people will come around

As soon as you turn that frown upside down


And you're going to see

Everything will start going your way

It's not something to fix in a day




Again, no bridge. Maybe it doesn't need one, I'll work on it after exams. 


Created: Apr 01, 2012


Peachsky Audio Media