A short response on feminism in Little Red Riding Hood.

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A pretty young girl in an attention-grabbing outfit, a large, male predator and a strapping lumberjack to come save her and her granny at the end of the day.

It seems innocent enough, right?

The story of Little Red Riding Hood is one known the world over. Which is why a new perspective can be a breath of fresh air into the words of old. In many ways, this simple tale re-enforces a patriarchal hierarchy, where ladies-in-waiting have to be rescued by strong men because they are unable to do so themselves. It portrays women as being weak, and needy in subtle of manners.

That's why a new take on this tale was needed in many ways. The RECord of this classic story puts the strength where it belongs: in the hands of Red herself. While she strays from the path and finds herself in a bad situation, she doesn't lie in the dark hoping someone will come to save her. She takes control of the situation and makes right the things she has done wrong. Her greatest strength isn't her ability to fight back against the wolf; it's her ability to take control of the situation herself.

As women, we need to acknowledge that we don't need someone to come along a save us. The strength we seek lies inside of us- we need only the will to use it.

Created: Mar 31, 2012


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