Cactus and Balloon Poem attempt

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Cactus Balloon

What can I say, I just sit here all day
Iv been here so long I could die.
My trunks in this pot, I’ll be here till I rot
From the desert to this yard, don’t know why.

My outside is rough but my inside is fluff
But nobody can look past my skin.
No more acting so tough, cause now I’ve had enough
time to escape, but were to begin?

I can’t run, I can’t walk, I can’t swim, I can’t talk
So just how do I get out alive?
As I look all around, at the sky at the ground
I start to see now that I’ll be just fine.

The kids are at play, they’ve been at it all day
it’s a party to celebrate his birth.
All the presents around, as they lie on the ground
he will use them to gauge what he’s worth.

But while their distracted, and the presents transacted
I reach out and grab me those strings.
I’m so glad I am light, because soon I’ll take flight
it’s the next best thing to some wings.

I can’t run, I can’t walk, I can’t swim, I can’t talk
its been true this whole afternoon.
But still I won’t die; because now I can fly
I drift away on this young boy’s balloon.

Created: Mar 30, 2012

Tags: poem

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