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The Adventures of Rooster & Moose: 10 minute episodes, animated series.


Rooster & Moose are hitmen from New York City. They mess up a big hit and their boss sends them all the way to a small town in New Zealand to hide, until the news blows over.  Along with a communication gap, there are a number of social standards of a small town in New Zealand, that Rooster & Moose must now become accomstomed. They interact with townspeople and their boss back in New York.


Rooster - (Joe Pesci type) He is wryly, gets agitated easily, always has a snide remark. He always thinks he's right, and has very low moral standards. He is the superior to Moose. Grew up in Brooklyn, NY. At a young age started cock fighting before he started working for Tony The Rat, So he is fiesty and has a few scars to get over. Deep down he loves Moose and thinks of him as his younger brother, which is why he's always looking out for him.

Moose - Loveable, but slow and a little twisted. Slow talking, and slow thinking. He is the muscle of Rooster. His father Papa Moose is a crime boss who works with Tony The Rat.  He is deep down good natured and kind, but has spent all of his life around people that aren't. He is always trying to please and make friends, even if Rooster says its not a good idea. He believes that anything can be justified. And has a Karl Pilkington way of looking at things like science.

Lil Andrew Fox - New Zealand Native and general loner at about 9 years of age. He is always talking to himself about a new cool or interesting idea he has had. He is the son of the Foxes who are renting rooms to Rooster & Moose. He is precarious and a little naive. He thinks Rooster & Moose are exciting and he is happy to have new friends, even if they do everything to avoid him. He always ends up saving their butts, when it comes to asimilating with New Zealander culture.

Bobby The Turtle - Bobby is from Japan, but he moved to New Zealand because he liked the peace and quiet and the vast land. He runs the General Store, and he has for about 30 years. He is like a jedi master. He often interacts with Rooster & Moose when they are on one of their schemes. He also gives them advice on fitting in. He has the one public phone in the whole town.

The Pig Sisters - They are Lil Andrew Fox's classmates and bullies. They just torment him, in fact they torment everyone. even their parents. They talk in tandem and are constantly snort laughing. They are like the Angelica to Fox's Tommy Pickles.  Just terrible terrible girls.

Tony The Rat - Mob Boss, General nasty guy. Would align him with Bill "the Butcher" form Gangs of New York and a little Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder. Has some really great insults that he yells into the phone to Rooster and Moose. Really great with words. Basically runs New York City. We see him on the other side of the telephone when Rooster & moose do their weekly check -ins.

Owl & Pussycat - The towns busy bodies. Owl is gay and Pussycat is a rich old bat in her 60s (or 12 in cat years). They are dear old friends. Owl lives with Pussycat. Pussycat is by far the richest woman in town and no one can understand why she lives in such a small town throwing her wealth in people's faces. They are like those two from Downton Abby. Ya know, the smokers.. can't think of their names.

 Harold the Hedgehog - One could describe his voice as stuffy. He seems to always have a cold. Moose is constantly stepping on him. He is one of Lil Andrew Foxes friends. He is wary of Rooster and Moose and often runs in fear of Moose. He will be the first to slip and fall on something and cause a scene. He will be the first to tattle on Rooster or Moose. He has a deep sense of pride in his homeland.

 I want to add more characters, like ducks & cows, and horses, and anything particularily native to New Zealand. I would also love if sojushots or someone else from New Zealand wrote a bunch of New Zealander sayings or unique ways of speech down. As a reference to create this town. Any suggestions on New Zealander movies or things I should watch to get a sense of the place (seen LOTR har har) would be greatly appreciated.

Created: Mar 30, 2012


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