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Ok so I have been thinking about an important sexual feminine theme for LRRH ever since I had that crazy-terrible-grammar-misuse-of-words debate the other day with my girlfriends that I made and put on hitRECord...and this might be a little out there and might sound crazy..but what was punching my brain about the feminist meaning of LRRH... is a girl getting her Period . THAT is a girl becoming a woman and the ultimate foundation of her sexuality . 

Oh god that experience, ya'll hear me ladies........-_________- I was more freaked out that I couldn't control something of my body that excreted this liquid that keeps me alive, without my permission..oh, and it had to be BRIGHT FUCKING RED . Like, it's not standing out enough Mother Nature. That day I knew, this bitch had a sense of humor .

AND THEN, girls BRAG about it like they're better than everyone else or something if they got their period first before everyone else in their age group! Like it's some determining factor indicating that you're more mature than anyone else in your age group and thus, are more powerful and worth more. (It's human nature to be power hungry, I get it). Congratulations, you will beat ALL OF US to menopause :] What’s better than young, pure, liquid blood? Clearly solid, dried up blood clots. 1 up for you sista. I am so happy that you laid your first dead egg in primary school . 

Similar to LRRH, a girl’s period is like a repetitive female bildungsroman story, but it happens sporadically, approximately 12 times a year and your vagina's hosting it. It's when the raging hormones kick in and the mood swings and the panic attacks drive you into insanity.. which actually all originates from your brain trying to connect to your newly found sex drive. GOD FORBID YOU MIX THESE ESTROGENATED HORMONES WITH A BOY'S TESTOSTERONIFIED BONER . Holy balls. Ya, that shit can suck parents into the darkest of depths. 

*LRRH is about a girl becoming a woman, self-disciplining her sex drive and declaring the rights of her sexuality. This notion is displayed via the symbolism of her ‘bloody red period’, which in turn, jump starts her sexual hormones. This process then begins to taint (fuck with) her rationality, just as the brain of a man with a boner tends to define irrationality to a tee. (Why do you think all the respectable Greek male statues have limp penises? It was to display their logic and intellect.)


Regarding the science of the matter: 

Initially, her eggs start screaming, “FERTILIZE ME! I’M SECRETLY A BABY!”, so she gets horny by natural human instinct (LRRH straying off the path from innate sexual desire..) and doesn’t do anything about it, so these things die and thus, the monthly massacre. Now I see why the colour red dominantly symbolizes alarm, alert, emergency, manic, creepy (think of a room with no windows painted blood red). 

The raging and rudely insistent hormones from this event, can eliminate innocence and has the ability to rid a female of her sweet innocence and her little girl morals altogether. (This is the challenge for the female to overcome/override you see.)

*I also feel like LRRH could be directed to little boys regarding their decision of what kind of man they can choose to be in life. Do they want to be the Big Bad Wolf, looking at women as inferior beings, manipulating them to fulfill their raging hormones, in turn, killing that little girl inside of her, murdering her innocence with insincere sexual experience? I feel the BBW is the type of character who is apathetic at the expense of others, and shoves his face with material, consumerist goods greedily like a sloth, at times mistaking a female as a material good, a lifeless pocket pussy (well, especially during patriarchal times of male dominated societies throughout history where a woman’s domestic labour - labour of love - was unseen and went unnoticed, yet it was the foundation to the structural functionalism of a capitalist society) . Do they have a choice in this, or will how they grow up determine this destiny? .. (We ALL have a choice . Be that you’re male or female .) OR, will he choose to be the man with morale, respect, humanity, self-sacrifice and heroism? (ignore the sheep-like pretty boy swag the lumberjack has going I feel he embodies the outdated masculine stereotype). 

*Personally, I feel the wolf eating Little Red Riding Hood can be (is) a metaphor for rape. Whether it be clawing herself out of the mental destabilizing walls that her rape experience entrapped her with, or getting someone’s help to saw her out of it, she needs to know that there IS hope for a warm future and that this event DOES NOT decide who she is or her future. These victims can save themselves from the depression and inner turmoil that this heart wrenching event caused them. Joe’s interpretation reminds them that they DO have the power and ability to uplift themselves again and are ALLOWED to fight for their happiness. (They are allowed to die a happy, old grandMOTHER in a warm bed..or live out whatever type of utopian fantasy they might have in mind.)

*When a girl is born, she is born with a ‘red cloak’, a symbol of her inevitable bildungsroman in which her sexuality is released gruesomely, shockingly and grotesquely without warning (the ultimate female tribulation..her period). Who said that when LRRH takes her red hooded cloak off, (receiving her period, revealing her sexuality, igniting her bildungsroman) she will be ugly? The fact that she now has the ability to bring life into the world, is a beautiful thing! Unfortunately, she needs to endure this trial by nature in order to become the beautiful young woman she was born to be (that every female has the potential to be and deserves to be). This story explains to young girls that when that time comes, and their hormones try to lure them into sexual experience, to choose the right partner to share these experiences with, as the consequences have a strong possibility to affect them for a lifetime (it’s such a fragile moment in a girls life). Ultimately, they have two choices, the beast or the gentleman. Hopefully these young ladies will commit to their sweet disposition and choose the gentleman. This scenario is usually not always the case, as teenage hormones can be more blinding than beer goggles in a desert. Any immoral actions one might make from his or her innate sexual desire, or any sexual abuse one’s endured, does not determine who he or she is, who he or she can be, OR gives any rights for ridicule .

Probably going to edit this. ANY feedback on it would be great (I know I’m talking in first, second, and third person..I’m sorry for my scatter brain, I just wanted to get all my thoughts down exactly how they were being sung in my head).


Created: Mar 30, 2012

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