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She never knew that she was half of a whole until she met him. It was in the little things, like the way their hands fit together, fingers interwoven with the lines and ridges on their palms fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. Even their eyes were mirror images, with his green and alive as wet grass and hers golden brown as dark honey. The colors didn’t matter, it was the look in them when their eyes locked. That was when they fused. Hers would suddenly seem hazel, reflecting the green of his gaze. In his the flecks of gold sparkled in reaction to her stare as the thin band of orange-yellow around his pupil glowed.

She sighed and leaned back, her hair falling from her face, and let her toes skim the cool water. The sun was setting behind her and through the haze of twilight she watched the bats chase mosquitoes in dizzying loop-the-loops. A half smile formed on her lips as her eyes closed and she was back with him. She would watch from the window as he pulled up in the speedboat, his inevitable sunburn almost reaching the same deep red as his hair. His eyes would be hidden from view behind some pair of way too expensive sunglasses but she could see his smile from the house. Then she would run outside, skipping carefully around the garden overrun with flowers as beautiful and wild as he. He wouldn’t tie up, just slow to reverse as she leaped (usually clumsily) from the dock to the boat, their timing the fluid result of repetition. She loved the way he would look at her. His smile broadening and his eyes feasting on every inch of her as he sped as far away from civilization as the lake would allow. They would go behind the peninsula to a little lagoon where they could anchor and swim, diving and floating like children. He would stretch out on the back in the sun, satisfied and happy, glistening with water and sprinkled with freckles. She could hardly believe he was hers.

Then he would open those gorgeous eyes and look up at her with the same expression on his face. She would be so full of love her heart felt like it was going to burst from her chest. She would drop her towel and walk towards him, studying his face as he watched her with the oddest look of love, desire, and shock. She would straddle him and gently explore his chest and abdomen, her fingers splayed to feel as much of his skin as she could. His hands would travel from her knees to her thighs, kneading her hips, and she would lean forward framing his head with her arms as his hands would continue their slow caress up her waist and back. Once he reached the back of her neck they would be nose to nose, breathing each other in as much as they could, lips barely brushing. But it wasn’t enough and never lasted. Their lips would touch, connect, lock. And his fingers would tangle in the choppy strands of her short hair, sun warmed and still wet from the lake. The taste of each other drove them crazy and their bathing suits covered far too much skin. The love they would make was as wild and beautiful as he saw her and she saw him. They couldn’t get enough and they gave as much as they took. They were meant to be together because it was only together they were complete.

She opened her eyes again and the bats were gone. The sun was gone but the air still wrapped her in a sleepy, humid warmth that pressed down on her chest and made her yawn. The stars were out and twinkled down at her happily. She stood and stretched her arms over her head, resting them on top of her head as she gazed out across the water. Then she jumped, making little noise as she slipped under the water’s glassy surface. The reeds tickled her stomach and thighs as she swept over them. Her head broke the surface and she slowly paddled to the little beach. She kicked off the bottom to float on her back, letting the waves rock her gently and the stars fill her vision as the noise from the outside world was muffled by her watery bed. The stars here were unlike anywhere else. It looked like someone had dumped a bottle of glitter on a piece of black velvet. There were so many, she didn’t even need a light to see where she was going. Not even the moon could compare and, as if it knew, it had hidden it’s face tonight. She remembered looking at those stars with him. They would lay for hours staring up at them, legs tangled and arms intwined. She stood and reached towards the beach to grab a bottle of biodegradable soap. She washed quickly and let the clean, crisp scent of the soap clear her mind. A shooting star flashed by as she rinsed the last of the soap from her hair. Shooting stars were not uncommon there. So far from any of the lights from civilization the stars could shine as bright as they were meant too. Just like them, she thought, as she stood and walked towards the house, water running in rivets down her body. Goosebumps broke out on her wet skin as the night air finally lost the pressing humidity of the day. She walked straight into the bathroom, stripping off her bathing suit as she went. Wrapped in a towel, she put on the tea kettle to let it boil as she searched for clothes. Dressed in nothing put a pair of sweatpants, she cursed as she dug through her suitcase looking for a sweatshirt. Finding no clean ones, she went upstairs to her old closet. Rummaging through the eclectic array of clothing left behind by visitors and family over the years, she paused on an old navy sweatshirt. The gold lettering had faded somewhat and it was looking a little worn, but she put it on slowly. Lifting the collar to her face, she inhaled deeply, searching for a little bit of his scent left behind. Of course she found none, it had been four years since he’d worn it, but it still felt like his arms were around her and so she left it on. The kettle howled and snapped her out of her revere. She ran downstairs and made herself a cup of tea, inhaling the steam that felt like an old friend and it bathed her face and warmed her cheeks, turning them pink. She sipped the sweet mint tea gingerly as she walked to the porch and curled up in a chair, once again lifting her face. The stars always seemed to turn her head towards them, just like he used to turn her face towards his when he needed to look into her eyes. Because he knew she could never resist those eyes, no more then she could resist the stars. But the beauty of the stars could never compare to the beauty of his face. 

Created: Mar 30, 2012


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