Elevator Rides

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Don't you hate that?

Hate what?



Don't you find it weird that once people step in, they stop all conversation and stare ahead?

Never noticed it before.

Waiting in here isn't any different from waiting in any other place, yet it's awkward for me to ask how you're doing or how about that weather, or anything like that.

The fact that I brought it up makes the ride much more awkward - unbearable even - but elevator rides in their essence are awkward for some reason. Why is that?

I honestly have no idea. I guess it's because people are trying to get somewhere and don't want to miss their floor.

That's a good idea, probably what most people would think. But see, I think differently. It might be the same view as very few, there may be none at all. See, what I think makes people stop everything they're doing, what makes people act like there's no one around;

Is fear.

Created: Mar 29, 2012

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