Left Over Love

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 …Dissecting me

Picking me apart like a lab rat

But I am a frog

My brain and my intestines are twisted and intertwined with your intellectual fork and knife.

Tossed salad nerves. Lo Mien

My heart is not my hand;

My brain and bowels are being labeled wrong

By you no less.

You are saying things to me that you have been meaning to say to yourself

And you know it. You fight back tears of rage


You don’t even see how angry you really are

You are not yet a doctor.

If only I could melt into the soft green beneath me

Or is it blue…?

I don’t have a solitary notion.

And I have ever less as you caress my bloody beating soft tissue—

As hard as it may seem to you at times—

With your voice

And that of a Red Coat with black tears and a rich sorrow

Singing about some lost love written by someone else less famous

You can’t force yellow where you proclaim -swear of even- so plainly it’s absence

Why are you still here?

Because I didn’t give you the fantasy tragic romance that your previous lovers-with-children have?!

I am sorry for having been broken.

I will still protect myself.

And you still may cry on my shoulder, on my pillow, on my boyish breasts…

Wherever you please.

And I will hold you because green is close enough to where you wanted to be.




Created: Mar 29, 2012

Tags: original poetry

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