The Rubble

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A million words left unsaid,

To the heart that was left behind,

In the rubble of a cloudy mess,

Where their bodies were intertwined.

A flash of hope in her eyes,

As his lips curl into a smile,

He whispers to the girl “I love you”,

As they lay there for a while.

A million stars light up the sky,

As the moon lights up the skin,

Of the two lovers’ bodies,

And the rubble they lay within.

A final goodbye upon their lips,

As her face closed in on his,

Moving together, in harmony,

Joined by one final kiss.

It was far too late for hope,

As a silent calm filled the air,

But nothing could break them,

As they held their loving stare.

Too much damage had been done,

To the girl with the chestnut eyes.

The boy was too late to save her,

By the time he broke down her disguise.

He sat and knelt beside her body,

And wept as he lost his beau,

The two lovers in the rubble,

Suffering the terrible blow.

He awoke to find the rubble gone,

He dreamt it all while in his bed,

But he rolled to face her,

To find a note there instead.

He dreamt he had lost her,

And in reality he had,

But her life wasn’t taken,

Instead this tale is much more sad.

She left him with just a note,

A few words to say good bye,

She said she didn’t love him,

But he knew it was a lie.

She ran from the world,

Like she ran from her heart,

She stayed for a while,

But knew they would have to part.

For the sickness inside her,

Grew like a terrible weed,

She wouldn’t drag him with her,

For she couldn’t be freed.

A broken past that haunts her,

As she lay asleep at night,

Dreams that shake her sanity,

That caused her to take flight.

He had opened up her mind that night,

And tore down all her guards,

To find a secret past with a fickle man,

That left her deeply scarred.

She could not let him bear,

Such a burden such as she,

Even though she loved him so,

She knew they could never be.

She brought a cloud into his life,

Or so that’s what she thought,

But it was leaving him in the rubble,

Upon which the cloud was brought.

A million words left unsaid,

To the heart she left behind,

In the rubble of a cloudy mess,

Where his body had resigned.

A flash of hope in his eyes,

As his lips curled into a smile,

And he whispered “I still love you”,

As he lay there for a while.


Created: Mar 29, 2012


Carlalalaly Document Media