A Brief History of Normal

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Each generation usually ends up living a completely different lifestyle than the one that preceded it. The way we meet, speak, date, and interact all changes. We are now the children of the internet, and all our new technology has given us something that previous generations never had, a feeling. A feeling that all of the odd thoughts floating around in our minds-as twisted, awkward, and goofy as they may be-have actually occurred to another human being. That maybe, you actually are normal. But thats the odd thing, the definition of normal that is. It's changed. Maybe it's the advances in social media, which tempt us to share the deepest details of our lives with almost perfect strangers, that have helped us to realize that we are all actually pretty fucked up. We can look at each other and say "Hey! You're a total freaking weirdo! And so am I! Sweet!" As time goes on, more and more of us seem to realize this and start to let our freak flags fly. Not to say there isn't still that football playing, asshole who will shove you into a locker. But hopefully, as Darwin predicted, eventually his kind will dwindle down into extinction. But even that jock is probably psyched that he isn't the only one who checks behind the shower curtain for a serial killer before he uses the john.
But simply, after the inventions of Facebook and YouTube, in today's world, to be considered normal, you have to be weird.

Created: Mar 29, 2012


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