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Bitter, bittersweet, white, dark, dried or whatever, I'm pretty sure you are familiar with all kinds of chocolate. This delicious and extraordinary food was discovered just after Christopher Columbus took his first steps in America and still, it fascinates people. People have an interesting relationship with chocolate. A nutritionist, for example, can say that it is rich in calcium and iron, contains carbohydrates, fat and protein. However, any of these benefits do not relieve consumers the risk of getting fat

Forget about all these technical data. Think about yourself. Looking forward to a job interview. Before making a difficult test in college. Waiting for something. Looking for inspiration. With PMS. Making decisions. When someone tells you the five most frightening words: "I need to talk to you". I'm sure you wouldn't resist a little piece of chocolate. When you have a date and a thousand images of possible dialogues between you and your date cross your mind, you need a chocolate.

Speaking of dates, some people believe that chocolate is aphrodisiac. It has a substance that activates our brain to look like we're in love and that quimical reaction is completely related to sex. If you're a girl, you probably already thought that eating a chocolate is almost like having an orgasm.

But is not only solid chocolate that makes us happy. When you're cold, this magical thing can turn into a hot liquid and warm you. You take a sup and you feel fine. This process can turn you into an addicted, but you really don't care about it.

Chocolate is also a gift. To please someone you don't know much, you buy a box of chocolate having the certain that you'll hit. Sometimes, you don't. But chocolate is chocolate.

Created: Mar 28, 2012

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