Little Red Riding Hero?

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As a child, I was read the story of "Little Red Riding Hood", just like many others. It's just a sweet story about a young girl wearing a red cape visiting grandma. It seems innocent but is it really that innocent? Was Little Red Riding Hood set up? Can a red cape symbolize bravery and strength?

The story seems like such a lovely story. Innocent girl is sent by her mother to go to see grandma, alone. On her way there, she meets the big bad wolf. When he asks her where she's going, she tells him. First, why does her mother send to visit grandma alone. She's just a little girl who shouldn't be going to places alone. What if the wolf ate her before she could get to grandma's house. The story makes it seem like her mother is unfit and let's her innocent daughter go by herself. I think it shows how women can be trustworthy and weak. Her mother must think she will be fine alone visiting grandma. Little Red Riding Hood is also shown as being trustworthy and weak. While the wolf is a male wolf who is big , mean, and evil. It shows that male characters can be aggressive and evil. The wolf is powerful and much bigger than poor Little Red Riding Hood. The red cape though can symbolize a different side of Little Red Riding Hood.

As we all know, Little Red Riding Hood wears a red cape. Her cape is red but why is it red? I wished it was because she was the hero at the end of the story. If she is wearing a red cape, she wouldn't need rescuing from a man. She would be powerful and brave. In the traditional story, she is just a sweet and innocent girl going to see grandma. She get's taken advantage by the wolf. The huntsman saves her and her grandma. He is the hero, not the sweet little girl in a red cape. The color red has been notorious for negativity when it came to women. For example, at one time, if a woman wore red lipstick, she would be considered loose and a tart. In this story, it symbolize that this little girl is pure, innocent, and a victim. In order for her to be safe, she needed a man to save her. The color red is eye catching and maybe the reason why Little Red Riding Hood is wearing a red cape. I almost feel like her mother set her up to be taken advantage of by the wolf. I mean, come on now! You’re a mother who sends your little girl to walk the forest alone to visit grandma, in a red cape. What if Little Red Riding Hood was a boy. I bet he wouldn’t need help from that huntsman. He would of killed the wolf himself and rescued his grandma. But, why can’t Little Red Riding Hood be a hero too? Why can’t a female be strong and brave?

Little Red Riding Hood is not strong but weak. She is innocent and pure, therefore can’t be brave. She has be saved by a man in order for the story to have a happy ending. I think she should have been the hero of the story. It would have shown that she was not weak. The red cape would have shown that she is powerful and brave. She wouldn’t let the wolf take advantage of her. She would kill the wolf, rescue her grandma and they would have a happy ending. There would be no huntsman saving the helpless little girl and her grandma. Instead of being Little Red Riding Hood, it should be Little Red Riding Hero. Now, that would be an amazing interpretation of “Little Red Riding Hood”. Not all female characters should need to be rescued. They should be brave, powerful and strong female characters. Little Red Riding Hood is the victim of the original story though and it’s too bad she’s not the hero. She would of made such a badass one.

Created: Mar 28, 2012


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