Sexual Deviance

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I think what Little Red Riding Hood is saying is that women should be ashamed of their sexuality. That any form of "sexual deviance" is a big bad wolf.

....Thats the short version.

In more words here's what I think. Women past and present are always taught to repress their sexuality. That women are meant to be more servants to men, in sexual terms. For example how many times have you heard of a guy telling all his friends that he banged 3 chicks last weekend. If a man does this he is a hero, if a woman does the same she is a whore. Etc, the list goes on.

Times are changing. Women should no longer be kept under silence. Women are sexual beings as well, they have urges just like men. They masturbate and have fetishes and they have orgasms and cum just like men.

Created: Mar 27, 2012


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