[Story of Two Buildings

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"This view. I see this view all the time from my regular seat on this train. It never fails me when I look at this lake with two lonely buildings behind it. This view isn’t just a view. To me, this is a time machine. Every time I look at this scenery, it takes me back when you last reached out to me. I remember opening a letter you sent me telling me that you can no longer be in touch. I remember that day very clearly. I read each line at least ten times just to find some sense of hope between the words and letters. I couldn’t do anything but smile for some reason, not because of the letdown, but how much energy and pride I put in. All the wasted time I’ve put in and the outcome of it isn’t the one I expected to be. But why did I smile? Maybe it’s another way of frowning but camouflaged into this pathetic smile. My smile brings a different meaning to smiles. As I look up from the letter, here I see a lake with two buildings in the background. Maybe this represents how two buildings can look so lonely and depressing. I will forever take myself back when I realized that a simple smile isn’t what it looks like."

Created: Mar 27, 2012


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