Stop War

By NuMyke

A shot from the most recent protest in DC, the annual March on Washington commemorating the years spent in two wars. These rallies become a platform for other causes as well, but it's all in peaceful protest. This is my third collection in HR in as many years. Seemingly, there is always a fresh version to put these images in. I remember the controversy of the first collection back in version 2. I'm so thankful the masses seem to know me and my intentions much better since. : ) This year marks a first. I shot with a digital only. (no black and white film though I have converted some images, nice but so not the same) You'd think I would have had them in here sooner (I took them March 20th and didn't stop until I was at my desk on the return trip home to upload them), but... I'll post a few more.

Stop War

Created: Apr 09, 2010


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