Mari Lancaster

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Mari Lancaster is a young woman living in Atlanta trying to make a living. For her job, she works late in the evening until early in the morning, except on special occasions. Since she only works at night she has plenty of time to sleep during the day. During the day, when Mari Lancaster is not sleeping, she goes shopping because her job requires her to look the part at all times in order to keep business going. On this typical shopping outing, she found a beautiful low cut fitted black dress. Immediately Mari decides that this is the perfect dress. The only problem is that she likes her clothes to be extremely fitted and the store only has three dresses left in the style Mari likes. Two of them are not fitted enough for Mari’s taste and the other one is two sizes too small and extremely tight and short especially around her butt. Mari, already a little ticked off goes up to the checkout and asks them if they have any more sizes. When the lady at the checkout says no, Mari cusses her out under her breath and says with anger and sass, “FINE… I’ll just take this one,” handing the lady the smallest dress. Next Mari Lancaster wonders into the shoe department and immediately spots a pair of extremely high, platform, and strappy black heels. Without thinking twice about the price she makes her purchase.
Later that day, when she gets hungry, she realizes that she spent all her money on the high, strappy heels and short, extremely tight dress, she cusses some more and storms back to her dingy apartment above an old dinner. When she gets home, she is greeted with a stack of unpaid bills and her electricity cut off. This sends Mari over the edge. She immediately gets dressed in her new outfit and puts on make-up and then goes out to work. Leaving her apartment she mutters under her breath, “this better be a d--- good night or else I’m screwed!”

Created: Mar 27, 2012


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