Seeing Red, Wanting Blue

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We ran into the house, pausing momentarily at the door to wiggle out of our tennis shoes.


“Shoes off!” my mom called instinctively from the kitchen.


Matt pulled the game off the shelf, almost tipping it in the process.  We plopped ourselves onto the floor, and dumped out the pieces.  He automatically grabbed the red token, and threw the purple one at me.


“Here; I’m red, you’re purple.”


I tossed it back.


“No, I want to be blue.”


Looking confused and annoyed, he threw the purple one at me again.


“You can’t be blue.  You’re a girl.  Be purple.”


“But blue’s my favorite color.”


“You can be pink.  We can get down Trivial Pursuit, and you can be pink.”


“I want to be blue!”


I made a grab for the lovely blue token, lying on the carpet between us.  Matt, determined at seven years old to teach me gender roles, beat me to it.  He snatched the blue piece, and sat on it.


“You’re purple,” he said, triumphantly.


I shoved him.  He shoved back, but not quite as hard.  I was a girl, after all.




I punched him as hard as I possibly could, with the thumb on the outside.  My big sister had taught me well.  I was going to be blue.  Of course, Matt didn’t really want to play with me after that little incident.  Not that day, not any day. 


That was okay, I didn’t really want to play with boys like him, either.  Not that day, not any day.

Created: Mar 26, 2012

Tags: red, boy, blue, gender, kids, purple, girl, chauvinistic, game, sexism, sex, chauvinism, patriarchy

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