My mind

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Someone far more smart 
Than a girl like me 
Said screaming is bad for the throat 
But damn good for the heart. 
So I will begin 
A tale of cerebral lust 
About a mind that is one of a kind
I will try my best not to become a lush. 

If I could believe
in some flamboyant mystical source
That could allow me to look inside 
Your head. 
I would delve right in
Looking at everything 
These melancholy eyes could hold
Soaking it up and keeping it in
Terrible wonderland 
Vines and echoes 
Beauty turned to ash
Blood so much Blood
I imagine
But my mind plays tricks
At times
Leading me to nowhere
I wish to escape 
I wish to be free 
My mind is the worst kind of cage
Never forgetting only reminding
If I could find a mind 
That is divine 
We could share it
Wake up from these endless days of dreaming
Smile or even laugh
And let it be whole-hearted
My eyes are weary 
And i am not half done
I don't think I can be in here really
Not for a lifetime.

Created: Mar 26, 2012


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