4am (One Scene Photo)

By tori


A man walks along an almost deserted, foggy street. He’s swaying slightly - it’s clear he’s drunk. A nearby church tower chimes four o’clock.

A police car speeds past with its siren wailing. The man clumsily turns to see where it’s going and stumbles, but regains his balance without falling.

It’s quiet again for a moment. Then a second police car and two fire engines appear out of the fog with their sirens on. They disappear in the same direction as the first police car.

We hear an explosion in the distance. This time, the man turns so quickly that he trips over his feet and falls to the ground.

4am (One Scene Photo)

Created: Mar 26, 2012

Tags: drunk, foggy, fog, torijwatson, tori, night, man, one scene photo, photograph

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