Feminism a la LRRH

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    LRRH is the flower of an old culture blooming through the blessings of modern societal change. The early reality of the piece was it's strict tidings of disaster for all those little girls brazen and foolish enough to venture alone into a foreboding world or "forest" where evil lurks around the tree bend to swallow them up. The main character little red can be looked at with some parallel to a later founded female persona Hester Prynne in the not so mild "Scarlet Letter". The red cape and scarlet letters worn by there female protagonists are blaring signs for readers to not act in the same fashion as these characters. Feminism in it's way has taken the tale of LRRH and flipped it on it's head. In today's society women are encouraged to find themselves and venture out into the unknown, to be strongwilled and not fear the wolves is a new badge of courage for the modern woman. Here lies the evolution of women and with that the evolution of feminism as seen in the time capsule that LRRH has now become.

Created: Mar 25, 2012


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