LRRH Wallpaper Pattern with available variations

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I picked up most of the contributed cutouts to add to this wallpaper. While this one has a vintage feel I have the layered file and can create  variations of the background color and pattern to match the feel of the finished book. Also the images can be manipulated as far as opacity and such.

The original file is about 3"x3" at 300dpi and the cutouts can be revised to add or delete any characters.

I think my favorite creative cutouts are the RECord clothes. Especially the cassette tape dress, the umbrella and galoshes. So thoughtfully done and adoooorable! ;D

Ohhh yeah! I've uploadedvariations of this design but this image is the only one that will tile correctly.


I hope ya like it! Thanks for lookin' and recommending!

<3 LK

Created: Mar 25, 2012

Tags: little red riding hood, red riding hood, lrrh

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