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Everyone believes,

just not in the same things

depending on what you’ve seen

and what you’ve had to overcome

even though it’s hard for some


I believe

that everyone is the same

everyone goes through some sort of sadness or pain

but we all experience it differently

We simply can’t give up

We have to believe

in order to achieve


Even when the sky cried on you

you believed


Hardships are hard to overcome

sometimes we overcome them

sometimes we don’t

life is a flower

that blooms when watered


I believe

that if we try hard enough


things will change

you’ll feel like a bird

flying free with no worries


They helped you

when you were feeling down

and said shhh…

to calm you down

Things will get better

if you believe



Created: Mar 25, 2012

Tags: hope, poem, believe, happy

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