Louisa Plum -Kathryn Shiparski

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Louisa Plum was a single mother of 6 kids, and a baby mama to 6 different men. Since Louisa was not the brightest star when it came to school she dropped out of college after her second child and became a world famous stripper earning a living to support her children. Her children were embarrassed of her so called career and always lied to other kids about why they were wealthy saying she had a different profession. Louisa began to feel detached from her kids so she decided to join the Middle Schools PTO. The PTO was putting on a dance-a-thon to raise money for the school. Louisa thought this was perfect and decided she would be the head coordinator. The other moms were skeptical but couldn't deny a volunteer position. Louisa worked long and hard on the aspects of this dance-a-thon. She thought to herself "I raised money by dancing the way I do so lets raise money by everyone dancing that way!" She had 80 poles installed in the cafeteria. She thought the dance-a-thon was a success, but to no surprise after every child's parent called and complained Louisa was banned from the school forever. Her kids all asked to be home-schooled after that.

Created: Mar 25, 2012


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