requisitely sensitive (lyrics)

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here comes that old rose tint again
telling me you were my only friend

looked at the world together
said we’d make it better
didn’t know how but we could still pretend

but look how much we fucked it up instead

lack of preoccupation left me open wide
nothing to hang my hopes on, or fill me up with pride

so we made agreements
i sacrificed some freedoms
committed fallacies, but steered clear of crime

but the rose tint always fades away
when the lights come on
funny, i don’t miss it when it’s gone

you said you wrote a letter to me
said when i got back home there it would be

what were you trying?
think you’d get me crying
over all i’d lost in you
when you left me

but all that time and effort
could’ve been better spent
though i picked it off the floor
your words remained unread

and yeah, i might have hesitated
had a second thought, then a grin
should i leave it intact or do i rip it up
before i throw it in the bin?

Created: Mar 24, 2012


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