Bitter Red Riding Hood

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As a young girl, I was overprotected. 
I yearned to grow-up but my parents objected. 
Yet there's only so long you can stay as a child; 
the path's pretty dull and the forest's so wild. 

And parents, they know this - they strayed that way too 
but it's one thing for them, and another for you. 
They think they can stop you repeating their woes, 
so they vet all your friends and they choose all your clothes. 

Mine glossed over their past like it never occurred, 
while my pleas for some freedom remained quite unheard. 
Would I have had the right tools to fend for myself with, 
If my parents had armed me with the lessons they'd dealt with?



He came out of nowhere, that great dirty beast, 
and his eyes brimmed with glee at the moveable feast. 
Too callow to notice, I told the nice man 
that my trip through the woods was to visit my gran. 

And it's something my parents will hint at sometimes, 
that I invited him in to commit all those crimes. 
I replay it over, the whole ghoulish lot, 
"Grandma, I just noticed what big teeth you've got!" 

It's so bloody rich, they laid all blame on me 
for that damn wolf defiling their sole progeny. 
Yes, my mother and father had no sympathy 
Cause I fought and I clawed for my autonomy.

Created: Mar 24, 2012

Tags: blame, little red, education, torijwatson, feminism in lrrh, red riding hood, tori, lrrh, crime, girl, wolf, parents, little red riding hood

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