This Summer: To Do

By ktbt

- learn Spanish, or try to.
- learn Spanish history, because I hear it's interesting.
- create a darkroom in my bathroom and capture and develop photos, it seems like hard work/lots of fun.
- make lots of records.
- bike on the island, get drunk beside a fire on the beach, sleep somewhere i'm not supposed to.
- reconnect with liam, we knew each other so well for a year so it shouldn't have just disappeared.
- get a tattoo.
- tie dye shirts.
- teach lora how to play the piano, she can teach me how to sew.
- go to St. Lawrence market, High Park, The Second City, Slacks
- compile a record of scanned items (i just realized/learned that i'm really into collections)
- do paintings for family members
- ace my colonial canada course
- get a hair cut
- read HHGTTG again, and then read lolita
- visit home

lofty aspirations, but ideas on those days that i'm bored, i suppose.

This Summer: To Do

Created: Apr 08, 2010


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