seducing deception

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-why hello there

  -oh hi. i didnt see you there

-Im sorry if is startled you.

  -oh thats okay. whats your name?

-you can call me... wolf

  -well it's nice to meet you wolf, I'm Red.

-its a pleasure to meet you Red. what brings you to this part of the woods?

  -I'm on my way to my grandmas house because she is sick.

-oh is she now? I'm sorry to hear that. tell me... are you alone?

  -yes! my momma sent me with this basket and told me not to stray from the path.

- oh, Thats a shame. your mom is wrong in telling you not explore the wood. there are meany things to enjoy.

  -Really? like what?

-take the fowers, for instance. such vivid colors, and the smells that they give off are intoxicating.

  -i wish i could see them for myself- but my mother told me to go strait to my grandmas house

-im sure you mother wont mind if you go for a little while. she won't even have to know. i shall even escort you there

  -well... i guess i could go for a little while, if it's not too far.

-not at all. right this way.


Created: Mar 24, 2012


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