Tiny Story [Christmas Lights]

By Light.Spark.Flame.

"Pssst. Blue? Are you awake?" whispered the flickering Red orb.
But he didn't answer; the electric buzz running through his heart- rhythmic and steady as it was- had lulled him into a day-dream.
"Blue. Wake-up!", she pleaded quietly, not wanting to disturb the others.

A moment passed.

The intensity of her light grew brighter.

Almost inaudibly she whispered, "I love you."

The sudden darkness that invaded the space beside him shook Blue from his quiet repose. Startled, he turned to his best friend; but where he had hoped to find Red's warm and comforting light, he was met with a cold, unsympathetic shadow.

"Red! Red!" he shouted, violently rocking himself back and forth in hopes of reviving her.

"Wait," he whispered a shout, "I love you."

The room grew cold and the once calming hum in his heart now stung with solitude. Heartbroken, Blue now resented being part of a parallel circuit.

Tiny Story [Christmas Lights]

Created: Apr 08, 2010


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