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These are my thoughts on LRRH. 

The wolf is the grandmother and the grandmother is the little girl as the symbol of the crone. Or the transformation from maiden to crone, as every women will face. They are all 3, one.

The wolf represents the transition of innocence into the crone. The grandmother/wolf wants the youth and innocence of LRRH and tries to take it symbolically as the wolf. This part dies.

The wolf is the male dominated society, patriarchy. The child tangles with the wolf, crone, male dominance, ultimately straying from the archaic absurdities imposed by society, as every woman will, and has a taste. She has her fun and moves on with out being killed. Or is robbed of her naivete, this part killed, then reborn into the smarter more experienced woman, leaving the innocent child every woman will experience.

Transition from maiden to mother to crone. Triple Goddess. Embrace it.



Created: Mar 23, 2012


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