A Story about Forgotten Car Keys and The Time Flux Elevator

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A Story about Forgotten Car Keys and The Time Flux Elevator

The heavens had opened up and the rain was plummeting down with conviction. The door to the foyer swung open. A man walked in, soaked through and through. Lowering his briefcase from above his head he started towards the elevator. His footsteps landed firmly on the marble floors, yet with each step a squelch echoed through the hall.

“Well it looks like somebody wanted you to run back into the office.” The guard chuckled from behind the security desk.

“I left my car keys in my desk again! What’s wrong with me Henry?” He exclaimed with an annoyed tone.

The guard continued to laugh to himself as the drenched man walked on. He tapped the button several times to call the lift, it lit green. A chime. The doors slowly parted. He stepped in and turned about to press his floor. A chime. The doors were slowly closing when a brightly coloured umbrella was rammed between them right at the last moment. He was startled at first with the ferocity of the action till the doors rolled back, revealing her. His shock turned into awe at the girl that was standing in front of him. They exchanged smiles. Her green loafers also squelched as she moved into the lift. She pressed for her floor. Another chime and the doors closed. Standing not too far apart; they were both aware of each other which made them both smile.

“I’m Zoe,” she announced.

“I’m Daniel,” He replied almost chocking on his own words.He was about to say something else and his lips parted. A chime.

“This is me!” she said turning around.

With a quick smile, she stepped out of view and the doors shut once more. Daniel glanced down at the floor; there were watermarks of her shoes where she had stood. Daniel shook his head and smiled. The lift arrived at a new floor, it wasn’t the right floor. He poked his head out to see if anyone was about. “No one” he thought to himself disappointedly, retreating back into the lift he tapped floor 15 repeatedly.

Very little time had passed till the doors of the elevator he was standing in drew open once more. It was Zoe. Her yellow loafers crossed the threshold of the elevator and positioned themselves facing his brown leather shoes. Her eyes levelled with his and locked.

“I missed you” she said affectionately.

A droplet ran down his cold nose. She dried it with her sleeve and leaning in kissed him softly on the lips. He held her with his free hand, his briefcase dropped from the other. Their lips separated.

“I missed you too” he whispered, looking deep into her blue eyes.

They stood there for a moment, unflinching. He disturbed the stillness by running his hand through her brown wavy hair; his index finger tucked some hair behind her ear. A chime. The doors opened up behind her. She smiled and took several steps back; they gazed at each other lovingly until the doors proceeded to conceal her from him.

Daniel now looked despondent, as if a part of his life had been ripped away. His despair turned into anger, not knowing what to do with himself he kicked his briefcase that was resting on the floor. With a thud it hit the side wall of the lift. He ran his hands down his face. He was angry. He was Hurt. The doors opened to a new floor. It was Zoe. They paused a moment to scowl at each other. The tension between them was palpable. Her Red Loafers rushed in and stood in the corner of the lift far from where Daniel stood. His hand stretched out and his fingers brushed the back of her arm and she quickly recoiled from the contact.

“Don’t touch me!” she bellowed in distress.

“Why won’t you look at me?” He cried. “Huh?” he was getting more impatient. “Look at me!” with that exclamation he tried to turn her around.

After some resistance she swung about, raised her hand and slapped him. His cheek glowed with red hot pain and tears began to fill his eyes. He backed off slightly and took a moment to come to terms with what had just happened. His lips trembled with rage. He didn’t utter a word. He didn’t need to. It was finished. She also started to back away, her arm reached backwards in order to find some sort of support. One hand found the side wall of the lift the other hand rose to cover her mouth. Her eyes closed and tears began to fall down her rose coloured cheeks. A chime. She quickly fled the lift running out of sight. The cold metal doors collided together only to open once again for his floor.

The office was dark and desolate. The only source of light came from a lamp that someone had neglected to turn off. A click. The office lights flickered on illuminating the space. Daniel crossed the floor over to his desk and opened the second draw from the top and grabbed his keys. He paused and glanced at a frame that was face down on the desk. Picking it up lazily, he held it in his hands. Turning it over revealed a picture of a couple. He was sat behind her on the grass cradling her with his arms and her hands gently rested upon them. Her bare feet were nestled up against his legs. They were ignoring the camera and gazing at each other adoringly. He placed the photograph back on the desk in its proper place upright. His fingers lingered for a moment on the edging. The office reverted back to darkness and Daniel returned to the lift ordering it back down to the lobby.

The lift stopped in its descent and the doors rolled back once more. Daniels face lit up at the site of her.

She giggled “I forgot my keys in my desk!”

She raised her hand above her head and rattled some keys for him to see.

“I forgot mine as well.” Daniel said exhibiting his keys in the same fashion.

Her green loafers continued to squelch as she positioned herself beside him. They stood there for a time, until they couldn’t resist. They turned into each other and neither of them could voice a word. Their breathing got slower and deeper, their lips moved nearer towards their counterparts. Their noses bumped and brushed making them both giddy. It felt exciting yet familiar. A chime. Both Zoe and Daniel were startled at the sound and pulled away from each other. They both laughed. Daniel tilted his head on its side and gave a curious look at Zoe.

“What is it?” She laughed nervously.

“Nothing,” He grinned. “Nothing.” He repeated.

“Well Daniel it was lovely meeting you.”

“It was Lovely to meet you too Zoe.”

“I will see you tomorrow then,” she stepped out of the lift. “Don’t forget to forget your keys again!” she smiled and started towards the front door.

“I won’t…” he whispered to himself. A chime. He leant against the back wall of the elevator and looked down to the keys clasped in his hand. The doors closed.


The End

Created: Mar 23, 2012


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