That Damned Red Hood

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LRRH reminds me that there has rarely been a time when men were not trying to control women's choices and bodies. This is no different - here is a cautionary tale about straying from your path, making too many observations and letting curiosity and temptation get the better of you. Targeted to young girls, the story of a young girl, donned in a red hood (to remind all readers of impending sexuality and sin) who can't quite stick to the path she's been asked to travel. There are consequences, the ghosts of patriarchy past and present tell us, and those consequences almost always involve sexual violence.

But there are retellings to take note of - ones in which Red outsmarts the big bad wolf, and continues on her merry way. Ones in which there is no huntsman to come in and save the day.

Created: Mar 22, 2012


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