Optional ending [Feminism in LRRH]

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'All the better to eat you with!'
Frightened, the little red riding hood shrieked; so loudly and with so high a pitch she pierced the Wolf’s sensitive ears.
This stunned him just enough time for her to hurtle toward the kitchen and Grand-ma’s cooking knives. She hided one under her hood as the Wolf got her. She knew she could not defeat him; he was so much larger than her. So she let him lie her down, the knife still carefully hidden and pointed toward the Wolf.

In his haste, he Wolf impaled himself on the hidden threat when he went down on her. An appropriate end for the wild beast she thought.
The little red riding hood extirpated herself from under the corps as she heard the huntsman whistle outside.
Well, she decided she could use some help to liberate her grandmother. Wolf’s skin and fur is quite thick.
And she wouldn’t mind a hug though.
It is not because actual women can take care of themselves (with their own weapons), they do not like to be taken care of.

Created: Mar 22, 2012


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