RE: Thoughts about Feminism & LRRH

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Everything changes. Now men and women think totally different than 50 or 30 years ago, so the way how the society has interpreted the role of the women in the last 20 years is completely different from the perception that we have now.  In the brothers Grimm version, they perceived woman like a good girl that obeys to everyone, vulnerable, naïve and too sweet.

But in Joe’s interpretation of Little Red, we can see a different woman, independent, self-sufficient, a woman that is not waiting for the Prince charming to save the day and especially, shows a woman that can be in charge and can take care of any situation even when it involves a latent danger. This version of the powerful and clever woman that we can see in Joe’s version of LRRH, is the reflection of the woman in the present and just a small glimpse of how woman will be in the future.

Created: Mar 21, 2012


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