Welcome to My Hood

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Welcome to my hood

Its redness covers everything you wanna see

The cape of temptation

Eyeing my prey, with the caption of my innocence

Holding and controlling a basket of havoc woven by stole hearts

And to top it, I threw in a towel

Turning you into a devil, a monster

My big bad wolf

Trailing behind my independence like a wounded animal

Lying in the bed I made




Sorry boys, i know you might not like it. but i think thats how girls work. Joe what you said about Male-dominated society, the truth is they don't, they just think they do. i think at the end of day women have the upper hand. we just make men think they do.

i can elaborate on this poem i wrote if you'd like, i can make a script out of it

Created: Mar 21, 2012


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