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Over the centuries, Little Red Riding Hood and similar cautionary tales have evolved to suit the purposes of their societies. Charles Perrault's version of LRRH was meant to serve as an arch warning to hapless girls of the French court against smooth-talking "wolves." hitRECord's retelling strips down the dynamic to that of an endangered girl literally taking matters into her own hands and defending herself using, as proved necessary, lethal force.

The inclusion of the huntsman-as-rescuer in other versions is proven unnecessary in the hitRECord version and by extension, we can conclude, in modern society. Little Red takes care of herself and takes care of her own.

Stripped of the more obvious sexual metaphors found in other versions, hitRECord's version hinges on the base assumption that one's safety is not to be passively assumed. In the current political climate, with threats against women's autonomy suddenly re-emerging in surprising numbers, this message can truly be taken to heart, almost as a call to arms, to be resourceful and to overcome one's fears, to take agency.


(My copy of Little Red Riding Hood Uncloaked: Sex, Morality, and the Evolution of a Fairy Tale is at home; I could go on!)

Created: Mar 21, 2012


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