Brutality Should Be Recorded [OWS] v2

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Here's v2 :) No difference between v1 and v2 except the audio changes I made (fillers, re-adding cut-off voiceovers etc). Sorry about the quality, I can't edit multiple layers of audio at a time so the video's a result of mulitple edits, hence the diminished quality. Same for the audio as well :(  So turn up your headphones!

As always, I'm open for feedback. Do check out the 'no music' version for remixing. Cheers!

Created: Mar 21, 2012

Tags: protest, occupy new york, protests, activism, zucotti park, marching, video edit, violence, occupy re:occupy ows march wall street st, freedom of expression, video editing, re-mix, documentary, protesting, march, re: occupy occupy wall street st ows, re: occupy, protestors, occupy wallstreet documentary, police officer, politics, joseph gordon-levitt occuppy wall street zucotti park luke rudkowski, police, remixed, occupy operation, activist

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