heART show logo (equal exchange)

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we had this art show last year right as the economy was tanking, huge companies were folding, and everyone was wringing their hands....

but what struck me at the time was that the world was still turning, the apple trees were abloom, the birds sang....and we had each other.

so the invite went like this:

make something with your whole heart
put it in the show
give it away

and lots of diverse folks in our community participated, and we filled the walls at the local eatery/social hangout, and it looked awesome, and people had fun.

and at the end of the 2 month show we gave all of it away.
(pics here: http://picasaweb.google.com/vialila/EqualExchangeHeARTShow# )

kinda like we do here at hitRECord! (am i home or what?)

offering this logo for anyone who wants to organize their own heART show where YOU live! ....again, by heart.

heART show logo (equal exchange)

Created: Apr 07, 2010


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