Response to 'The creation of the world'

By Cait

Three old men with three old beards
I can feel their fingerprints on my head

But I want to bypass their roadways
And go beyond
I want to live in the coloured part where there are no rules
I never agreed to rules
I never agreed to let them look down on me
And create me and create create create
All those things that I hide from

I will live past them
I will forget outlines and hard surfaces and mornings

I can feel their fingers push my chin up
And force me to look into their whitewashed eyes
That loom and see everything
I am a speck challenging with no intent or effect

I owe them bliss and pleasure and fear
I owe them shivers up my spine
I owe them money and time and my own creeping fingers
But my eyes are my own and my thoughts are my own
And I can think what I like about them

(I'm experimenting with just writing and not thinking too much about it, no editing, and then coming back to it in the future. So if anyone has suggestions/critiques at all, would love them)

Response to 'The creation of the world'

Created: Apr 07, 2010


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