LRRH Request: Additional Illustrations/Designs

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Our "Little Red Riding Hood" book is coming along great! We have an initial draft with most of the characters and backgrounds put in, but we have several requests left as the book nears completion:

ILLUSTRATORS: We need more drawings of the Mother character. We have the three other characters completed, but we need more illustrations of the Mother. Additionally, we are still looking for some of the scenery from the story. Please illustrate additional backgrounds like Little Red Riding Hood's house and the field of Touch-Me-Not Shrubs.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: We would like to create a wallpaper page featuring a repeating pattern of LRRH characters that will be on the back pages of the cutout characters. Graphic designers and collage artists should check out totallyjamie's "The World of Tiny Stories (Pattern)" as a reference. It is resourced below.

Once we wrap up these last few requests we'll be getting this out to Iceland to be published!

Created: Mar 20, 2012

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