Yours on Mine.

By itscarolina

The spring air brushed my face, messed with my hair.
I hooked my arm in yours; led you through the streets of my neighborhood.
We were arm in arm, just you and I.

I grasped your upper arm tighter, noticed you flex.
Hooking your side allowed me to pacify the urge to touch you, to get closer…
I never came close enough.
I kept leading you down the winding streets, carved our way back to my house.

Standing in front of the door, you waited as I looked for the keys.
You were behind me, close, but not close enough.
I wanted your hand on my waist, your thumb caressing the arch of my back.
But you stayed where you are. I guess you were as close as you wanted to be.

The night had grown cold, yet somehow you and I were warm.
I pulled my hair behind my ear as I opened the door; you took three steps in behind me.
The door closed, you were inches away from me.
I heard the rhythm of your breathing and found its beat.
Turned towards you, face to chest, your towering over me.

The hair I pulled behind my ear slowly unraveled,
you instinctively reached out, tucked it behind my ear like you’ve done dozens of times.
But this time wasdifferent: your hand took its time,
lingered down my ear
made its way to my cheek.
The thumb I craved on my back slowly traced the curve of my face.

Your crystal blue eyes found mine and stared –
you saw right through me.
The air now charged, in the small foyer of my apartment,
you kissed me for the first time.
Burt-Bees nurtured lips planted sweet, light kisses on my cheek,
slowly made their way to my lips.

I hoped this is the beginning of a lifetime of your lips on mine.
A lifetime of kissing…
Your mouth…
Your face…
Your neck…
Your collarbone…
Your everything exposed.

It was not.

Yours on Mine.

Created: Apr 06, 2010


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