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The baby is crying. My baby is crying....

I rolled over and grogily opened my crusty eyes. The sun had yet to come up, I estimated that it was easily 3:00 AM. Great I thought to myself as I slowly peeled the warm cacoon of blankets off of my sleep-deprived body. Slowly, I stumbled out of bed before it could call me back. Fumbling for the door, I slowly made my way down the long hallway to the nursery. Rubbing my freezing arms I slowly made my way to her crib. Briana, my baby girl was sitting up; wide awake as if it were 9 AM. Which it was obviously not. Oh babygirl, go back to sleep I cooed as I slowly picked her up and swaddled her in her favorite blanket.

 After about 90 minutes of rocking, bouncing, and singing I had finally gotten her back to sleep. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep, so I picked up my Algebra ll book and decided to study for tomorrow's test. Being a mom was hard, but being a mom in high school was hell. Finally starting to doze off, I went into the dining room and made myself a cup of tea. As I opened the fridge, I saw a note from my dad. It read: Olivia, don't stay up too late I have to work late but I'll be home in the morning to take Briana with me to work. I'll drop her off at the hospital's daycare before I go out for morning rounds. Study hard - dad. P.S Lexi and I will be out tomorrow night. I'll give you cash for dinner.

Great, well that's what happens when your dad is the best young plastic surgeon in the country. He gets a brilliant, YOUNG girlfriend who is always hanging around. Well that's fine I've been taking care of myself my whole life, it's not like I had a dad when I was young, and it's not like I've had a mom the past few years. I have my own daughter, and I would do anything for her. I'll never hurt her. I won' t make the same mistake my mom did; disowning me out when I got pregnant. After kicking me out I came to New York looking for my dad; and here I sit.  I sat there at that table for what seemed like hours, listening to the baby monitor sitting on the counter; dreaming of the past...and future.

Will I go to college? It's only a year away.. And what will happen to my girl? Will she stay here with Derek and Lexi? Or will she go live with her dad Eric in California? Will he be able to watch her while he's going to school full time living in the dorms? that won't work at all... I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Briana calling me from the nursery. This was going to be a tough next few years; but with Derek..I mean dad, here supporting me I think everything'll turn out fine. God, I hope so I said as I turned into the nursery. As I picked up my beautiful daughter and held her in my arms for the millionth time, emotion rushed over me.

Sadness, love, and relief all in one. As I held my screaming infant in my arms, I knew. I finally had a real family. My estranged father, his girlfriend, and my baby girl. I laughed at the sound of it, but it was true. They were my family, and no matter what, they were here for my and Bri. and I cried at the realization of the fact; I had a family; finally. I had to say it a few times out loud to accept it. I had a family. Finally,

 I have a real family.

Created: Mar 20, 2012


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